A quick one to start off 2015. I am in agreement with the Houston Chronicle that this tool created by consulting firm TIP Strategies is the “coolest job data visualization you’ll ever see” (not a very prestigious-sounding designation, I realize.)

It is, however, fascinating to watch the ballooning drama of job gains and losses. The tool looks like it should be on the wall of a crisis control room in an underground bunker, mapping new cases of a deadly outbreak.

The small red bubbles signifying slow job leakage of the upper Midwest are as constant as the swelling blue ones of the big cities in Texas and the coastal states. The seeming coordination of the change and growth of the bubbles draws attention to the exceptions like a soloist in a symphony.

Nov 2005 Jobs

Here is November 2005, as the country pulls out of the recession of the early 2000s and New Orleans reels from Hurricane Katrina.

Aug 2009 Jobs

And here’s August 2009, after a full year of job losses in the housing crash.

I’m almost embarrassed to be comparing a job growth infographic to a symphony. Almost. Happy 2015, and may your circles stay/turn blue.


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